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Simple Office Features for Happier and More Productive Employees

Whether you’re starting your own office for the first time, or relocating your existing business and base of office workers to a new setting for work, it’s important to consider what you can add to your office space to make things easier, more comfortable, and more pleasant for your employees. After all, studies show that the happier people are with the place that they work, the more productive they often tend to be, along with a higher likelihood of loyalty to the company. If you’re setting up a new office, here are some things to consider adding that are sure to be appreciated by your employees.

Vending Machines

Adding a vending machine to the office can be an ideal option because it is convenient for your workers in many ways. Vending machines can be set up to sell a range of snacks and drinks to employees and you can price them lower than the local store to encourage employees to get what they need in work and ultimately put more money into the business. Employees may prefer having a vending machine in the workplace for many reasons including the fact that it allows them to get what they need without leaving the office, leading to more enjoyable lunch breaks and less rushing in the morning. When buying a vending machine for your office, Bibium has several to choose from.

Quiet Area

Another thing to consider when you are designing a new office space is a quiet area for employees who prefer to just get on with the work. While some people thrive best in environments where they are surrounded by people and a lot of noise, others will get better results when they are able to just work peacefully and focus. Employees will appreciate having somewhere to go when they need a quiet place to work. This is especially true if you are designing a new office space for employees to work after working from home due to COVID-19, with some employees likely to prefer getting started in the new setting in a quieter and safer environment.

Cleaning Stations

It is also worth adding cleaning stations throughout your office for the peace of mind and additional convenience of your employees. Your staff members are likely to appreciate being able to wash and sanitize their hands easily at strategically set up cleaning stations. You can add office cleaning products like disinfectant and paper towels to the area to make it easier for employees to clean up after themselves at a time where hygiene in the workplace has never been more important.

Natural Light

Wherever possible, lay out your new office in a way that allows the employees to get plenty of natural light when working. Studies have found that natural light in the office space is likely to lead to more productivity and employees who are more energized for longer throughout the working day.

Food Making Facilities

Finally, even if you are going to add the vending machine mentioned above, adding food making facilities to your new office space is sure to be appreciated by employees. After the COVID-19 lockdowns that allowed many people to save money by working from home, an increasing number of people have decided to bring their own food to work to continue cutting some costs. While the office kitchen does not have to be anything special, including a large fridge space for everyone to store their lunches and facilities for heating up food is a good start.

If you are setting up a new office as your employees begin to return to work after COVID-19, some features are likely to improve employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

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