Online Environmentalists: A List of Environmentalist Websites

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For those of us who are strong in our advocacies in saving mother Earth, eco-news and other eco-discussions are very important. Environmentalists are not anymore limited to group discussions and activities in person; in fact, the web has also become an avenue whereby environmentalists reach out to one another in pursuing their green movements.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that it is important for every environmentalist to be careful on the internet as some of these online hackers and scammers may represent themselves as advocates and so, you should also check out high quality VPN providers in India or wherever you live in.

We have compiled a list of legitimate evironmentalist websites which hold discussions on environmental news, discussions, events, research, and other agendas.


TreeHugger is a website that brings in news and gossips with regards to environmental issues. This is one of the most reliable and trusted website as it touches different aspects including science as well as celebrity news. So if you are interested in following a fun green online platform, try checking out this U.S. based website, TreeHugger, or its news extension, Hugg.


This website mainly revolves around recycling. From simple steps in recycling to creative recycled gifts, these are all available on RecycleNow. Aside from things capable of being recycled, this website also helps people figure out what to do with those which cannot undergo the process of recycling. Hence, if you are into reducing, reusing, and recycling, this website is perfect for you.

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This website is focused on giving out quality news and information in the environmentalist world. Environmentalist bloggers and social influencers gather in this avenue to share whatever they have in mind. This website is relatively new and a lot of improvements might still come along the way.


Basically, this website is a commentary site which discusses on climate science. The site is handled by climate scientists. The discussions in this site focuses only on scientific topics; political or social aspects are not discussed on this website.


This website gives you the most amazing ideas of recycling and it deals with all sorts of items. Indeed, this is a real treasure for those of you who are eco-lovers. What is even better is that this site also helps you sell whatever items you have that are recycled or may be recycled. It is easy to track them down online as there are many Freecycle groups around the world.


This website handles environmentalist news as well as news on physical health and wellness. Indeed, this fun social site is a perfect mix of environment and health information. As we all know, these two topics are essentially related and thus, discussed together in this site.

Rate It Green

This website allows consumers to report on green building products. Users of the site are allowed to rate products so as to inform other users. This is a very easy to use site which can give you a lot of information.

Planet Ark

This is definitely the perfect website for those of you who are into opening a business while saving the environment. This site teaches you several ways to start a business without much negative environmental impact. This site also has its news and stories section for green information.